YOU can make a Difference

YOU can partner with OUR LITTLE CHARITY CANADA by:

-a one-time donation

-become a monthly partner

-sponsor a child's surgery

-host a fundraiser

-celebration or memorial

  -purchase via FundScrip.

No amount is too small because every donation added together multiplies into

Hope for a child to get the medical assistance they need but cannot afford.

As a registered charity with the Canada Revenue Agency, OLCC is approved to give Canadians receipts for donations. #80716 5345 RR0001

**Please note: Donations given toward a specific surgery or project will be used as designated until the needs have been met.

They will then be used for other charity requirements.


          $35           1 care hamper      =    1 family helped

         $70            2 care hampers   =    2 families helped

        $140         4 care hampers   =    4 families helped

        $280         8 care hampers   =    8 families helped

        $560        16 care hampers = 16 families helped

Would you like to partner with us by "adopting" a family and providing for their monthly needs through this pandemic?

                            For only $70/month you can!

Together WE can!

For only $35 each Care Hamper contains...

rice, ugali flour, sugar, cooking oil
wheat flour, washing soap, tea,
omo (detergent) & toilet paper


It has been a pleasure to work with ICMS for the last few years helping us by providing the platform to accept donations for OLCC. However due to changes with social media we have now switched to PayPal as our donation platform. Many thanks to the ICMS family for the great work they do and wish them continued success in the future.

"Giving is not just about

 making a donation.

It is about making 

a difference."

Kathy Calvin, 

CEO & President of the United Nations Foundation