YOU can make a Difference

YOU can partner with OUR LITTLE CHARITY CANADA by:

-a one-time donation

-become a monthly partner

-sponsor a child's surgery

-host a fundraiser

-celebration or memorial

  -purchase via FundScrip.

-donate $35 for  a Covid 19 Relief Hamper  

No amount is too small because each donation added together multiplies into

Hope for a child to get the medical assistance  or other emergency relief they need but cannot afford.

As a registered charity with the Canada Revenue Agency, OLCC is approved to give Canadians receipts for donations. #80716 5345 RR0001

**Please note: Donations given toward a specific surgery or project will be used as designated until the needs have been met.

They will then be used for other charity requirements



          $35           1 care hamper      =    1 family helped

         $70            2 care hampers   =    2 families helped

        $140         4 care hampers   =    4 families helped

        $280         8 care hampers   =    8 families helped

        $560        16 care hampers = 16 families helped

Would you like to partner with us by "adopting" a family and providing for their monthly needs through this pandemic?

                            For only $70/month you can!

Together WE can!

For only $35 each Care Hamper contains...

rice, ugali flour, sugar, cooking oil
wheat flour, washing soap, tea,
omo (detergent) & toilet paper

"Giving is not just about

 making a donation.

It is about making 

a difference."

Kathy Calvin, 

CEO & President of the United Nations Foundation