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Isaac - infant

Story to come...


Ruth - 14 yrs old

Ruth has extensive burns to all parts of her body except to the face from a home fire. She was the only victim, others made it out but she was sleeping. She spent 10 months in Kenyetta hospital in 2014.

This is a family of 5 children. Two are grown and 3 live with the mom in very poor conditions. Father died of Aids and mom is now dying of Aids. Mom is wanting Margaret to take Ruth to live with her at the Makimei Children's home. Ruth, while living with mom is being assisted under the outreach program from the children's home.

The cost of the surgery will be $4000

Please help us bring hope and healing to this sweet girl and her family by donating to Ruth's surgery fund.

                                                  Dennis - 12 years old

Dennis is a boy about 12 years old.  He has no known relatives and has lived in the Makimei Children's Home since 2011.  Dennis has severe burns to his face due to a fire.   The scarring goes from his forehead down to his lips.   Due to the damage,  his nose is deformed and he struggles to breathe properly.  If there is no intervention soon, his nostrils will be completely obstructed.

Our Little Charity Canada chose Dennis as one of our children.  We are told there will be multiple surgeries over an extended period of time to correct his problems.

1st Surgery - July 2016. It involved inserting balloons in his cheeks to allow new skin to grow. Dennis was sent home to recover. As he neared the date for the 2nd surgery he was put on total bed rest to preserve the ballooning skin on his face from being damaged.  Cost $1000 CDN

2nd Surgery - November 2016. During this surgery, they removed his nose and prepared his face for nose reconstruction. The healing took a long time. Cost  $2500 CDN

February 2017, a deposit was made towards his 3rd surgery. The expected surgery was postponed due to Doctor's strike and more time needed for healing.

3rd Surgery - January 2018. Involved rebuilding and shaping the lips. Doctors worked on restructuring the nose and created the two nostrils. They reduced the running stitch mark on the forehead.  He took longer to heal than doctors originally thought which delayed further surgery. Cost $1500 CDN

4th Surgery - April 2019. This was last major surgery required. It involved putting the cartilage in the nose and further adjustments to the shaping of the lips. He is recovering nicely, however doctors advise that he will require several additional minor surgeries in the future. Cost $1543 CDN

Funds are still needed to allow us to complete the healing process for this very brave and courageous boy.