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OLCC is inspired by God's love (charity) for humanity and responds to His call to care for 'the least of these'. We find these precious children through collaboration with our Kenyan partner, Kisima International, an official Kenyan charity. They identify those who 'fall through the cracks' and have no other options.

Every year, and most recently in February 2017, Naida Harris, one of our OLCC Directors, traveled to Kenya, visiting children who received surgeries. All were delighted to see her, with family members expressing their extreme thankfulness for the generosity of Canadians whom they have never met. Naida will be returning to Kenya in February of 2018

We have seen first hand the transformative affect on the children's physical health as well as their minds, emotions and spirits. The HUGE IMPACT causes a ripple effect, infusing hope into their families and entire communities!

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OLCC Board of Directors

Our board is made up entirely of volunteers.

We are a small but passionate team with a heart for helping the children who "fall through the cracks".

We each donate our time & finances as we believe that in order to ask others to do so, we must first donate ourselves!

This also allows us to keep our administrative costs very low, only 8% goes to administration and 92% goes to the kids.

Naida Harris


I traveled to Kenya for the first time in 2004 as part of a mission group. I lived in a village with no modern conveniences and by the time the group returned home, I knew that my life had been changed forever.

Once home, our group met and decided to start a charity. It took us a few years and in June 2007 we were an official registered Canadian charity.

Having just gone thru a divorce and struggling to find my own identify after 30 years of being a wife, mother and grandmother, I came across Jeremiah 29:11 in the Bible which says "The plans I have for you are good plans, giving you a future and a hope."

I sensed that my future definitely involved Kenya. During subsequent trips to Kenya in 2006, 2007 and 2008, I became involved in finding children requiring surgeries. I took them to the hospital, finding the diagnosis, then taking the information back home to share with the group. Then as a charity we raised funds to provide the surgery. This became my passion and over the next 10 years, have seen the lives of many children and their families changed forever.

My family has grown as I now have an adopted family in Kenya. Joseph is a Pastor of a large church in Kenya, his wife Leah and three children, Bethnaida, David and Joanliz, open their home to me each time I travel to Kenya. Joseph also makes time to visit the children with us.

As I write this, after 24 trips to Kenya, I consider Kenya, my home away from home. After retiring from the government, I have devoted to working full time with the charity. I work part time with foster children here to enable me to pay my own expenses while in Kenya.

It has been my joy to now be working with John (another son in Kenya) while on the ground in Kenya. We together visit the children and their families, ensuring that all is well. We have seen miracles happen!

I continue to make yearly visits to Kenya on behalf of the Board of Directors.

I thank God for even at this time in my life I can be a vessel to continue giving "a future and a hope to these needy children and their families."

Liana Landsman


I have been very blessed to be able to  follow Our Little Charity Canada from "birth" as my Mom (Naida) is one of the founding members. I saw the impact her first trip to Kenya had on her life and the way it inspired her to "do something to help these precious children". From the sidelines I began to help and was so impressed with the work this small grassroots charity was able to do. I saw them struggle & dream, and then go on to achieve so many wonderful things over the years. During this time I was asked many times to consider joining the board but I wasn't ready. I believe God was using that time to work on me so that I could be prepared to bring my best to the table.

After the birth of my youngest daughter, I really felt like I was being called and yet did not know how I could make it work with how busy I already was  (a mother of 4, running my own business as a full-time childcare provider,  volunteering with my church and leading a community group). Yet after volunteering for many years with OLCC and much encouragement & prayer I decided to take a more active role within the charity. It was Dennis' story (please read his full story under "Children in Need") that really made me decide I needed to do this.  As a Mom of 4, I could only think "what if this was my child?"

Not only do I feel the calling to help these precious children, but also to lead by example and teach my own children how to care for others.  I am proud of the way in which my children (at 19, 15, 8 & 4) have already stepped up to the plate and have volunteered their time and abilities as they are able.

"Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth"

1st John 3:18

I pray that God will continue to use me as He sees fit to be a champion for these children in Kenya that otherwise don't have hope. Sharing their stories and being a part of their miracle is such a gift I can never fully express.

 I also hope that one day my own children will join me on the board & that this legacy of caring for the needy will span into the next generation.

Marjorie Glenn


I was introduced to OLCC by a past director Michelle, she had asked me if I was interested in volunteering for event that OLCC was holding on June 11 2016 – “A Taste of Kenya” After attending the volunteer meetings in the beginning of the year, they had mentioned this girl named Lucy…

‘Lucy was brought to the attention of OLCC in March 2016 complaining of a pain in her left side. After meeting Lucy, OLCC and the family made the decision to take her to hospital. Lucy went thru test after test. The diagnosis was that Lucy had an ovarian cyst and fluid in her uterus, required prompt attention. Lucy had her surgery in April 2016. The surgery was a success and the pain was gone. ‘

After hearing Lucy’s story, I could sympathise with her experience and I felt lead to help.

The people involved with this charity have a heart for children of Kenya.

I myself am a single mother and I am blessed to be a part of OLCC and I look forward to seeing which children God will put in our path to assist with there medical needs.

If you have a heart to help children, we would love to talk to you…and answer any questions.

We always need volunteers and donors so we can help more children.