Our Little Charity Canada (OLCC) is a group of volunteers driven by a passion to value the 

most vulnerable children in Kenya

by restoring physical health and hope.

“… but the greatest of these is charity.” 1 Corinthians 13:13b (King James Version)

Our mission: provide life-changing surgeries & medical interventions for those who could never afford it.

Our goal: help 1 child per month; restore physical health & enable growth to their full potential.

COVID 19 Pandemic

Due to the Covid 19 Pandemic, OLCC has started a campaign in addition to our Surgery Fundraisers, to help provide food and necessary supplies for our OLCC families and other needy Kenyan families. Many of them were already struggling to put food on the table and now have been further devastated by the pandemic. It is our desire to show them that we care. 

Thanks to YOUR GENEROSITY, since we started the campaign in November 2020, hampers have been delivered to 54 families in Kenya. "Asante Sana" (Thank you in Swahili)

Please note: These families will continue to need help for months to come until Covid 19 is no longer a threat. We will continue to provide hampers for them as we receive donations.

Should YOU wish to become a monthly partner with us

or make a 1 time donation of $35 for another hamper

please click on the link below


(Each $35 hamper will last the average family 2-3 weeks, 

a donation of $70 will guarantee a family 1 month of food and supplies)

We use Facebook to help spread word about the

work we do at Our Little Charity Canada. Please like & share our posts & page to help us reach a larger audience.